Kaleidocycles are great as a different way for students to share information on an artist and their art. Using Kaleidocycles for a focus on tesselations, and M.C.Escher is a natural, as is using them for poetry and reflections. Students can also demonstrate the elements of art on each surface to create a unique moving work of art.
The video below gives you a visual of the sample we had at our presentation, and the links lead you to other resources to use with your students!

Make your own Kaleidocycle using your photographs! (Thanks, @fuglefun via Twitter for this link!)
This link directs you to a great Science and Math site that also has a video of a kaleidocycle in motion. The image below is from that site.
The book, M.C. Escher Kaleidocycles, was the one shared at conference. It comes with tessellated kaleidocycles for you to construct.